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  • Sample Application
  • Cell-Based Assays
  • Assay Selection
  • Platform/Probe Selection
  • Sensitivity
  • Organelle Isolation
  • Cell  Cytotoxicity/Viability/Proliferation & more….
  • ELISAs

Metabolism plays a role in various areas such as physiology, cell biology, and medicine. Research in metabolism is dramatically increased by the realization that many common human diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. Understanding the metabolic variations is thus a crucial aspect of disease-oriented research.

 BioVision is proud to introduce the newest edition of our widely popular Metabolism Assay Kit. This Fifth edition includes the broadest portfolio of Metabolism Assay Kits, Cell-Based Assays, Cell Cytotoxicity/Viability/Proliferation Assays, and Cell Fractionation Isolation tools. Our newest edition highlights useful technical information that can facilitate your assay design, and assay kit selection. Detection method, platform, sample applications and assay sensitivity have been included in this edition.

 Download our brochure and explore our catalog of unique assay kits targeting existing and emerging areas of research and drug discovery.

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